Is It A Surprise The Catholic Church Covered Up Their Excessive Child Abuse?

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Catholicism, Religious Abuse

Well today it was proven that the Catholic Church has been doing what we’ve suspected for a long, long time. Abusing their position of power by raping innocent children.

The church has been abusing it’s position for years and while many have suspected the existence of abuse, the scale and widespread awareness within the church has come as a shock today. Senior priests tried to hide the abuse and the police turned a blind eye.

How this awful scandal could happen is easy to understand when you look at the history of Ireland. When the Irish Republic was established in the 1920’s the church had a grip on most of society. They ran the schools and hospitals and 90% of the population were Catholic. The police were very much under the thumb of the all powerful Catholic church.

The only good thing that can be taken from this sorry affair is that it adds yet more weight to the argument that there is no place in the modern world for the Catholic church. For years they have been unwilling to change and unwilling to bring in sufficient child protection policies. Now we know they’ve also gone to great lengths to cover up the truth and protect their name. This from people who are meant to be ‘men of god’? The outdatedness of the church stretches right up to the top and is not limited to the Irish church. This year the Pope’s ridiculous and damaging comments that condoms offer little help to the fight against aids are proof that the Catholic church, like every other religious institution, still live in a time long gone by.

People are slowly waking up to the truth. Never in history has the Catholic church had such a small membership. The archdiocese of Dublin has ten times more priests over 70 than under 40 and they barely have enough priests to give one to each of their 199 parishes. Numbers of people wanting to be priests are diminishing quickly and congregations are shrinking. Clear proof that people are realising how ridiculous the church is.

Perhaps this abuse happens because people never suspect a priest will do something like this. Let’s remember, however, that this awful treatment of the vulnerable is not limited to the Catholic church or religious groups but happens everywhere.

I long for a religion free world.


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