Church Of England Is Dying

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Christianity
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Courtesy of The Times I learned today that the early signs of the imminent death of the Church Of England are here.

They expect to lose ten percent of their clergy within five years which, with the added decline of congregation numbers, is bad news indeed for the ancient church. It boils down to the hard strapped followers lack of donations. Many, it would seem, are snipping down their ‘gifts’ to God and the church is working hard to get them to dig deep.

But all this brings up a nagging question in my mind. Wouldn’t ‘God’ help the church? Surely he wouldn’t let them die on their arses while he watches from above. Perhaps God’s being thrifty with his blessings too because if the Church Of England isn’t worthy of his help then I’d love to know who is! Perhaps he’s used all his money blessing evangelical Americans and that’s why he has none for the Church Of England.

Thankfully similar things are happening in the Catholic church with the number of priests and followers falling. Clearly more and more people are realising they’re wasting their lives.

  1. “Thankfully similar things are happening in the Catholic church with the number of priests and followers falling. Clearly more and more people are realising they’re wasting their lives.”

    -Interesting here that you expose your intolerance so casually. Shouldn’t religous followers be free to practice with dignity and respect? Whose authority do you have to say they are wasting their lives?

    On a lighter note, though, you might be surprised that the Chriatian Church is still the largest and fastest growing religion on the planet. I am not a practicisng ‘believer’ myself and am a catholic for historical reasons only but I do respect those that believe in religion alongside those that don’t Intolerance works both ways. All the best, dude.

  2. Religious people are free to practice what they wish. However if they choose to follow such a ridiculous path they have to expect to be ridiculed.

    To respect means to have ‘a feeling of deep admiration’. I find it a little hard to extend deep admiration to those who bury their heads in the sand, refuse to pay attention to everything we’ve learned since the dawn of time and instead just blindly accept some books that were written at a time people thought the earth was flat.

    If someone told me they believed the earth was flat right now, they would be free to believe that. But I’d be equally free to come to the conclusion that they were a little bit deluded as we’ve now clearly learnt otherwise. The principle is the same. It is blindingly obvious that none of the religions we have today represent the reality of the universe in the slightest. The observable universe and the religious explanations are at complete odds with each other.

    This is not an issue of personal choice, religion may do wonders for individuals, but it continues to cause so much collective damage that as long as we let the religious push this stupid notion that it’s offensive to tell them they’re wrong then the planet is heading for a terrible future.

  3. Christianity is the cornerstone of our civilisation. Our code of laws, morals, political system and entire fabric of the way in which we carry out our daily lives is directly attributed to the underlying framework as part of a 2000 year-old religious tradition. To vilify this is to label yourself as ignorant, in my opinion. But obviously, your first 2 paragraphs define your contempt -so be it.
    I’m not really here to castigate your opine but when I stumbled across your blog I was thrown aback by the strength of your vilification. And like I said; I wish you well and hope some common sense may prevail in your condescension towards the reality of our world.

    • That some of the things you mention had their beginnings in Christianity may well be correct. But that does not make them true does it? Should we continue as we are forever more just because that’s how we did it in the past? With regard to morality, you may need belief in religion to decide what is right and wrong, but not everybody does.

      Christianity may once have been the ‘cornerstone’ of our civilisation, but it is far from so anymore. Thanks for the debate.

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