The Pope Spouts Yet More Verbal Diarrhea…And We’re All Paying To Listen…

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Catholicism, Equality, Human Rights
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Every so often the Pope emerges from his hidden world of luxury in the Vatican and makes a carefully constructed statement. His usual aim is to upset and anger as many of the ‘heathen’ world as possible with comments that are more often than not absolutely vile.

Once again he speaks.

This September the wannabe god plans to make an official visit to the UK where he will no doubt continue to bless us with his nonsensical rubbish. His latest self appointed mission is to convince us that by introducing equality laws that stop the Catholic church from discriminating against homosexual people, and anybody else who’s lifestyle choices they don’t agree with, we are in fact breaching the human rights of the religious.

Pope Benedict, in a letter to English and Welsh bishops claimed our equality laws place “Limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs”. He goes on to urge the Church to fight against the laws with “missionary zeal”.

The Pope is correct in his insistence that the religious should be free to practice their religion. Regardless of how delusional their beliefs, a society in which people are forced to believe a certain thing can only be a bad thing. It is an internationally agreed basic human right that we should be afforded the freedom to practice any religion. But it is also a basic human right that we have freedom of thought and freedom to choose to disregard religion, or be gay, or have a sex change.

Alongside these rights is the right to not be discriminated against in the application of your human rights. This right trumps all other rights. By attempting to use their right to religious freedom to be allowed to discriminate against certain groups of people it is in fact the church who are breaching rights. It cannot be just accepted that you can do whatever you want as long as it is your religious belief. The right to not be discriminated against was made to protect people from the evils of the religious idiots. Not for them to perversely and grossly distort in order to achieve their own agenda.

Unfortunately we have to listen to this rubbish. It is the downside of free speech. What we should not do is support it. Which is why it is appalling that the taxpayer is funding the Pope’s coming trip. At an estimated cost of £25million we’re picking up the bill for the insane old guy to parade around in his bulletproof car and wave at his sheep.

If he wants to come we can’t stop him. But he lives surrounded by gold statues, has millions donated to him, and has more than enough money. Why aren’t the Vatican or his sheep paying? Hopefully there’ll be a Susanna Maiolo lurking in the shadows to take him down a peg or two…


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