The Catholics Are At It Again

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Catholicism, Equality, Human Rights
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Times Online – Catholic adoption agency seeks exemption on gay adoption regulations

It’s no surprise but the Catholics are flexing their muscles again and still refusing to enter the 21st century. A Catholic adoption agency is now seeking permission in the High Court to refuse to give children to gay couples despite the law. They’re going on about how other Catholic agencies have been forced to close as a result of laws prohibiting discrimination.

They’re claiming that by being forced to close the effect it will have on the children waiting to be placed outweighs the harm caused by refusing gay couples. The fact is they are not being forced to close. They are choosing to close rather than cast aside their outdated practices. It cannot be just accepted that religion is used as a trump card, one that allows them to do anything. If we allow one religion to discriminate we have to allow all to do so, the opportunity for abuse this creates is massive. I don’t need to list the horrendous things that people have done because it’s ‘their religion’.

Other agencies have gone in the right direction, they’ve dropped their religious status and started concentrating on putting kids in good homes. Religion should not come into the process of placing needy kids in loving homes. It is founded on incorrect notions and age old traditions and it should be kept away from children who have lost their parents. The choice to follow religion should be made by adults who understand what it is they are choosing, it should not affect where or with who a child is placed. These kids need to be in loving homes where they get the things they need. Who do these Catholics think they are to decide that because a couple are of the same sex they can’t provide this?

I just hope the people sitting over this case see sense and see that the freedom of gay couples to be themselves is far more important than allowing a religious group to discriminate against them because a book they decided to follow says they have to.

It’s an inescapable fact that we are all animals on this planet. We are Homo Sapiens and we evolved in the same way as everything else. We are not bound by the rules conjured up by our ancestors. The sooner this adoption agency wake up to that the better.


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