Mercy Ministries Hunts Down Sex Trafficking Victims

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Christianity, Mercy Ministries, Religious Abuse
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Thanks to Sean at Sean The Blogonaut and John at Against Biblical Counselling for bringing this into the open.

Not content with the lives they’ve already ruined, and the public admittance of their deception, Mercy are on a push to infect even more vulnerable girls with their message of lies and abusive practices. This piece of news shocked and disturbed me to the core. Mercy Ministries are now going after the victims of sex trafficking.

Just think about that for a second. Victims of sex trafficking are possibly some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. They have usually already suffered years and years of the most horrendous abuse imaginable. Many were sexually abused as children and have spent their lives believing they are worthless.

The thought of the loons at Mercy getting their hands on these poor girls scares me shitless, it really does. It’s impossible to fully comprehend the potential harm Mercy’s program could inflict on these people. Many trafficking victims are from countries where belief in the gospel is widespread, these people are perfect potential Mercy disciples.

I can’t repeat how potentially dangerous this situation is. Mercy need stopping and stopping fast. It’s so sad the trafficking victims have no protection under law from cults like Mercy who want to recruit them.

Mercy are partnering with Natalie Grant on this issue. This gives Mercy ‘credibility’ in the eyes of Christians. Natalie Grant is a well known and pretty successful American Christian singer and it’s often the case that when Christians see a name they know attached to something they automatically trust it unquestioningly. It worked with Mercy and Hillsong in Australia. If Natalie Grant is incapable of seeing Mercy for what it is then this partnership also completely eradicates any shred of respectability that she may have had. Her judgement and logic are clearly incredibly flawed.

On a second note Mercy is planning expansion and is building another home in the USA. Florida is the chosen state. Mercy is spreading like a disease, and truth is the only known vaccine.

  1. Mary says:

    Hi, I think there may actually be some legal protection “under the law”. I just commented on John’s blog. If it interests you, please write again. Mary

  2. Mary says:

    Maybe Ms. Grant is not aware of thehappenings at Mercy. She, also, may have just picked up the cause because it had”Christian” attached to it.
    I was raised evangelical, fundamental, and I am here to witness that many, if not most, church people are both too gullible and too lazy to research anything. Most gratefully accept whatever feel-good tidbits are thrown to them. That’s why #1: There are so many evangelicals; and #2: So much shit flies under the radar; and #3: people like Nancy Alcorn and Jay Adams , Jack Hyles, etc., etc., get so rich by deceiving and abusing others in their cult “ministries”. Mary

    • True she may not be aware, but that in my opinion points to a lack of due diligence on her part. It’s not like the things WE all know about are secret is it? She should check what she puts her name to because now, as far as I’m concerned, she’s as bad as Mercy by association.

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