Bill O’Reilly: Does This Homophobe Really Represent Americans?

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Christianity, Equality, Homosexuality
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Bill O’Reilly is a nob. That much is quite clear from simply watching 5 seconds of any of his shows. He’s homophobic, rude, arrogant, obnoxious and thinks he has it all worked out. He presents his opinions as fact and is incapable of discussing in a logical manner. He tells those he disagrees with to shut up and talks in such a patronising manner. Most of his beliefs come from a time when freedom was a dream.

If you want a prime example of his unintelligence watch his discussion with Richard Dawkins. He asserts that his belief in Jesus helps him, to which Richard Dawkins points out that it may well help him but that doesn’t make it true. His response is that his belief is ‘true to me’. Richard tries to point out to him that it cannot be ‘true to him’, it has to be either true or not. O’Reilly disputes this, saying “No no no!”

As a Brit I find it hard to understand how he’s allowed to say the things he says on TV. It would never happen in this country because we’re not stuck in the dark ages like much of America is. In the UK we’ve accepted that religion should be a private choice and our TV presenters shouldn’t spout their own religious superstitions as if they are fact. We would never allow a paid member of staff of a large media organisation to be blatantly homophobic. So it begs the question why is he given airtime? Does his opinion reflect that of a large enough section of American society to justify the offensive things he says?

I watched a clip on the net today where he was discussing whether or not it was acceptable for a school to choose a young lesbian couple as their ‘cute couple’. The opinion of his guest was, rightly, that there should be no problem. That it was wrong for the school to penalise them because they were lesbians. That it showed that homosexuality was becoming normalised and that was a good thing.

O’Reilly openly admitted he wouldn’t have a problem if it was a straight couple, his reason: ‘we shouldn’t be promoting sexuality to teenagers’. In other words he tried to spin it and make it about promoting promiscuity. His guest tried to explain it wasn’t about that, it was about being in love, to which he implied they were just being rebellious and didn’t know what they wanted. He basically said that they should keep it to themselves, that he didn’t have a problem if they wanted to be lesbians, but that he didn’t want to know about it. By openly being lesbians, he claimed, they were flaunting it. (who doesn’t want to flaunt the fact they’re in love?). He then went on to say that it was wrong to normalise homosexuality within education system. Note he spoke on behalf of “50-60% of the country” in an attempt to pass his own view on to everyone else. This guy is so full of shit.

If 50-60% of the US thought that a particular race were all evil would that make their point valid? He clearly thinks that under 18’s are not capable of knowing they are gay.

So he basically thinks that because he chooses to follow a 2,000 year old book everyone else has to hide so as to not offend him? It’s about time FOX news showed O’Reilly the door. If, as he says, 50-60% of Americans share his view, it’s about time the United States entered the 21st century and dropped their homophobic views.

I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to NOT live in the US.

  1. beckyjayned says:

    O’Reilly is a disgusting man. He needs to have his airtime taken off of him and to be locked up in a dark place somewhere. Who does he think he is? His show is completely based on opinions and he says nothing that has any fact behind it! I feel sorry for any person that has to go on his show as he will surely talk over them, be rude and completely miss their point, as he misses everybody’s point and can only see his own silly religious views. The man is a disgrace to the human race!

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