‘How Should Christian Consumers Complain?’ – The Religious Turn Everything Into A Religious Issue

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Christianity

‘How Should Christian Consumers Complain?’ was the hilarious title of an article I came across today.

It’s amazing how the religious can put their slant on absolutely everything! Not only are they incapable of developing their own moral code without God, apparently they struggle learning how to complain without the his guidance. I read the article to see if the Word Of God offered up some wonderful insights on how to deal with consumer issues. I thought maybe I could acquire some ammo for the next time I’m stood at a customer service desk…

According to Crown Financial Ministries:

Although God’s Word is very clear—that we are to strive to do His will, lay up treasures in heaven rather than on earth, and be content with what He has provided—He does not say that we are required to accept incompetent services, keep non-operable wares, or retain defective merchandise. It is true that we must be about the business of serving Christ in a manner that is consistent with His character—humbly serving others and helping those in need—but we also must be good stewards of what He has given us to manage.

(To cover my ass legally the above quotation is © 2010 Crown Financial Ministries)

So there you have it, just incase you wondered, God permits us to complain. Are there really people who think they need spritual guidance on how to return something to a store?

Turns out they should complain in exactly the same way as a non-Christian should.

  1. jeremiah17 says:

    That’s just it, a true Christian would never complain if they use the bible for reference. Crown Ministry is full of shit.

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