This Is Why Religion Is An Abomination

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Christianity, Homosexuality, Human Rights
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Could there be a better example of the evils of religion than the sick homosexuality bill Uganda is currently trying to implement? In this country religion is not just a personal choice which every person should have the right to choose. In Uganda, as in many countries in the world, religion is something chosen by the Government and forced upon everybody regardless of whether they want it.

The current Ugandan law is reprehensible enough as it is: having gay sex is already punishable by life imprisonment. The changes would make anybody who is HIV positive, anybody in a gay relationship with someone they have ‘authority’ over, and anybody found having sex with a ‘victim’ under the age of 18 left open to the possibility of the death penalty. It also contains provisions for Uganda to demand the deportation of anyone currently living abroad who is convicted under the law.

This is rooted firmly in Uganda’s Christian beliefs. Most of the population and pretty much all of the government are Christians. American evangelists have been working hard to push their agenda in Uganda, preaching that gay people are ‘recruiting’ school children. This has boosted the fear already existent in many Ugandans.

This is what happens when religion rules a country and where there aren’t any sane people to run for election. Many Christians will be quick to point out that they don’t agree with the death penalty, however, pretty much all of them will still agree with the fundamental issue here: that it is wrong to be gay. Most Christians I have met believe that they have the ‘God given’ right to decide that gay people are gay through choice. There is something wrong with their brain.

My heart goes out to the gay community of Uganda. The world needs to pull together and allow them political asylum in countries where they will be free to be themselves. We need to resist requests by Uganda to deport those living in the West who are convicted, and keep them safe. In addition to this we need to impose tough sanctions on Uganda and show them they are alienating themselves. This may be politically incorrect but as Uganda’s citizen’s are overwhelmingly supporting this, if the act of imposing sanctions causes problems for them as a country, then so be it. They deserve it. At some point in the future these lunatic countries WILL enter the modern age but we should send them a signal that they need to hurry the fuck up.

This is a basic human rights issue. The Ugandan government are openly in breach of the UN’s list of basic human rights. Every person has the right to ‘freedom of thought, conscience and religion’. That surely means that each and every person in Uganda has the right to choose Christian principles or, more importantly, to reject those principles. For the government to legislate in accordance with those principles they are clearly squashing the rights of those who choose to ignore them. Religion should stay in the home and not in the halls of power.

The rights of the insane, who blindly follow a piece of fictional text from thousands of years ago, are less important than those who have done nothing other than be attracted to someone of the same sex. Why is it the west is happy to try and ‘fix’ the east where Islam is ruining the lives of so many, but never do anything when stuff like this happens?

Is it because Uganda doesn’t have shit loads of oil perhaps?


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