Use Your Imagination

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Art

There’s something so enthralling about imagination. It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful things people come up with. There’s something really endearing about imaginative people that sets them apart from the mundane masses.

In this modern age it’s rare to find truly imaginative people. We’re obsessed with watching tv, playing video games and getting drunk. These things require no imagination.

We need more imaginative people in the world.

I want to share with you one such person so that you may get the same enjoyment from her work that I have:

Dori The Giant

Since finding this blog I’ve looked forward to what she’s going to post next, her ability to find art in the simplest of everyday things is fascinating. Check it out.

  1. Paige says:

    I LOVE Dori the Giant, she is such a smart girl! And I think that’s also something to be said for imaginative people is many of them are quite intelligent and I think intelligence sets us apart from most others as well–as it is a great rarity in the US these past couple generations.

    Also, thank you for the comment on my blog! I hope you keep reading and perhaps discover an artist you might like (because I presume if you like Yeasayer we have similar tastes.) Unfortunately, my creativity manifests itself in a far less fun way than Dori’s.

    • Intelligence does seem to be a rarity, and not just in the US. Although I have to say the amount of racism and homophobia in the US is beyond my comprehension. How can a country that claims to be the land of freedom have such a blatant disregard for freedom?

      Here in the UK I meet so many young people who can’t speak or write properly. We have sprawling neighbourhoods of housing provided by the government and kids who do nothing but hang around on street corners drinking and smoking dope. We have a ludicrously high teenage pregnancy rate and have families where nobody works and has no intention of working.

      It’s a sad state of affairs that I don’t see changing anytime soon.

  2. Paige says:

    All I really have to say here is, amen. It’s all true and it breaks my heart to see. I really think people are so amazing and complex and even most of the people labeled as ‘stupid’ are so intelligent and capable of so much, the only thing stupid about them is their refusal to cultivate that brain power! It’s a real tragedy to see all these wasted brains because we’re too lazy to make use of them.

    I am aware that sitting behind a luminescent screen and ranting about my appointment’s doesn’t chance or fix anything, but sometimes I feel the need. We need to get all the people willing to change together with those capable of helping them. If we can teach this to the future generations, this time can just be seen in history as a rough patch.

  3. Paige says:

    Oh and to address the racism and homophobia, I am with you. It makes me sick and most people don’t even realize it’s going on.

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