Good Friday?

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Christianity, Easter, Good Friday
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Well today is Good Friday. Lets all take a moment to remember what happened on this day back when Jesus was crucified.

There was a man named Jesus who thought he was the son of a god created by people living years and years before. He’d read lots of scriptures, written by Jesus’ ancestors who’d come up with what they thought was the explanation for how the world had started. Their explanation fitted in with the knowledge available at the time and, like a spectator accepting a magic trick because he cannot explain why it is so, everyone accepted the theory put before them.

Jesus eventually became convinced that he was the son of god and took it upon himself to live out his life as such. Today he would be no doubt certified as mentally ill. Either that, or the world’s best con-man. I’m inclined to go with the former. He went around telling interesting stories and soon picked up quite a following. Just as in the modern day, where charlatan ‘faith healers’ gather thousands of people who believe they have miraculous abilities, many people began to gather wherever Jesus went.

In a day without telephones, mail services or the internet everything relied on word of mouth. So, not surprisingly, the stories about Jesus got embellished slightly. This no doubt boosted his audience numbers. The large following probably helped boost this idea that he was the son of god on some sort of rescue mission.

Eventually the powers that be wanted him gone. So he was betrayed by those around him and handed over to the people in charge. They beat the crap out of him and strung him from a cross. He endured terrible pain and then death all because he’d convinced himself he was the son of god. Had the people of the day not been so gullible and followed him around ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at his tricks, he’d have probably lived out his crazy life by his crazy self, simply annoying people.

Over thousands of years his followers, spurred on by the fact Jesus had been murdered, continued to tell everyone about what had happened to him. They convinced themselves Jesus’ murder was their god’s plan all along so it must be good. Some of his followers gathered into a ‘church’, picked and selected the stories about him that fit in with their preferred version and discarded the ones they didn’t like. They fought wars, murdered and killed countless people, created misery for many more. They persecuted people who rejected the fairy tale having woken up to the fact that the authors knew pretty little about the actual way of things when they wrote their scriptures.

On one Friday every year his followers decided to stop everything and remember that a crazy man thousands of years ago, got tortured and murdered in front of a jeering crowd of cheering blood thirsty spectators, in the most brutal way imaginable. For no other reason than he’d thought he had special powers. What a wonderful idea to call this Good Friday.


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