I May Be Young But I Am Invoking My Right To A Good Old Moan: Building At 8am On A Saturday Is Not Ok!

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Random
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Such is the ability of the wonderful elderly to have a good old moan they have their own television programme showcasing their talents. “Grumpy Old Men” is an amusing insight into the grumbling mind of the elder generation. We watch in amusement and chuckle at some of the seemingly trivial things the elderly get their knickers in a twist over. So I have no qualm in admitting that I feel a little left out of this right to moan that the elderly seem to have been granted. And it is for this reason that I occasionally draw on my inner complainer and spout off about what you may see as a trivial injustice.

I live in an apartment block and most of the residents are young professionals who work Monday to Friday jobs. The complex is owned and managed by a guy who lets most of the apartments himself. Mine is rented privately by someone who bought this particular apartment.

For some time now some residents have been dumping items in the bin room and so the owner has decided to have a partition wall erected to compartment the room so only the bins can fit in. Unfortunately for me I happen to live above the bin room.

Now in my opinion this is a non urgent task given the fact the building is 2 years old. I see no reason why such a task could not be done during next week. Apparently the owner sees things differently and so decided to hire a building company to start work at 8 am on the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend.

And so it was I was awoken this morning, the room vibrating with an earthquake like tremor, at precisely 8:07 am. Now on this occasion I feel no guilt about moaning. I happen to think that I still have a right to be asleep at 8am on a Saturday! I can accept that occasionally essential work must be done and that in some situations weekend work may be unavoidable. But what possible excuse could there be for doing a job like this on a weekend? Why could it not wait until next week, when the complex would be mostly empty given that the building has been here without the wall for 2 years? At the very least a little advanced notice of the intended 5 hours of banging and drilling would have been courteous!

Moan over.

I must say I feel much better and now understand the appeal of a moan! I look forward to being an old man so I can do so without scorn.


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