Today Is Election Day And I Just Voted

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Election 2010, Politics

So I thought I’d join the bandwagon and let everyone know who I just voted for and why.

I’ve just got back from placing my cross on the paper and I have no problem admitting I put it next to the Conservative candidate.

Labour have screwed our country up and don’t deserve another shot at it. The Liberal Democrats are in cloud cuckoo land and their silly immigration policy and love affair with Europe make them a poor choice.

Labour have made our country too liberal and we need to take a step back and fix the social mess they’ve caused. There is only one party who can do this and that’s the Tories.

I have ignored the old people who love to moan about the last Tory government. Apparently they think their last performance means they shouldn’t be voted in again, but surely using this logic Labour shouldn’t be either?

I don’t think it really matters who gets us out of the economy and so my vote fell with David Cameron’s team.

Feel free to disagree with me obviously.


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