Election Scandal In The UK

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Election 2010, Politics, Uncategorized

The scandal surrounded the election yesterday has made me so angry and it is an embarrassment to the country.

Hundreds of people were denied their right to vote when the lack of staff at polling stations meant they were queuing round the block. Many stood in the rain for hours to find themselves turned away because they couldn’t get in before 10pm when the polls close. Others found the polling station had run out of ballot papers anbd had to wait for new ones to come which didn’t leave enough time for them all to vote. Some people found they weren’t even on the list despite actually being registered because the staff had an out of date list!

There has been an absolute shambles of organisation and there is nothing at all that can be said to justify it. To deny people of their right to vote in a “1st world” country for no other reason than the staff weren’t organised enough is disgusting.

In my opinion this is worthy of calling another election. We’re not talking about a couple of people here, HUNDREDS were denied their chance to vote through no fault of their own.

I’m no solicitor but if they have a legal right to something surely they can’t be denied that right without some sort of consequence.

It is somewhat befitting of the past few years of shambolic government that they would be ousted in what is turning out to be a shambolic election.


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