Brave Soldiers Come Home To Abuse From Extremists

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Islam, Religion, Terrorism
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I’ve neglected my blog again. I’d love to have an excuse, but I’ve just been lazy.

I’ve slapped myself on the wrist and I won’t do it again!

I was sickened to hear about the brave soldiers returning home from the front line who were subjected to vile abuse by a group of Muslim extremists. The members of Muslims Against The Crusades shouted “murderers!” and “go to hell!” at the troops.

I think it’s important to make the point that these fanatics do not echo the thoughts of the majority of Muslims. I know that most Muslims are law abiding citizens who just want to get on with their lives and that these few extremists are the minority not the majority.

But if most Muslims don’t agree with them, where are they? Why aren’t more Muslims speaking out against these fanatics? Those Muslims who deplore the terrorist atrocities should do more to condemn some of the evil that has been perpetrated by the likes of the Taliban. If the Muslim world could unite and help eradicate the rogue elements who do things like executing children for spying then we’d get a lot further, a lot quicker. It seems to me though, that often many sit on the fence.

The signs of brainwashing are all over these fanatics. The following statement, made by the young “leader” of the group, is so nonsensical that it is pretty obvious he’s not very intelligent.

“We are quite disgusted by the fact these murderers that raped our people are coming back and they are being honoured for doing something wrong. These people have been killing and raping and pillaging in Islamic countries and they should not be welcomed home. As Muslims, we wanted to make a stand.

“The families of the soldiers are not the only ones with feelings. We also have feelings, our fellow Muslims are being butchered. Islam is not a violent religion but we will use violence if necessary to defend ourselves. Democracy is failing, that was clear as this year we had a hung parliament. Islam is the alternative.

“People in this country are very patriotic. They support Britain even if the country has done something wrong. We want to show that there is an alternative. Sharia law would provide an alternative, it would provide balance in the UK.

“People say ‘don’t take it out on the soldiers, they are just doing their jobs’. But how it when Osama Bin Laden blows up a plane or a building he is a terrorist. It is not that he is just doing his job – this is a double standard. They are both killing.”

He makes ludicrous statements claiming Allied troops are raping and pillaging and thinks Sharia law is the answer. It’s a view so tainted with the evidence of a brainwashed religious fanatic that nobody has taken him seriously.

His attempt to propagate the myth that our soldiers are raping people is intended to anger, and anger it certainly has. It is evident from his belief that the west is “pillaging” that he has a limited understanding of the complexities of the conflict, either that or he has no idea what pillaging means. In fact it’s probably both.

What makes it quite clear this guy is of limited intelligence is the last part where he tries to claim Bin Laden was just “doing his job” and that supporting our troops for doing their job somehow means we’re demonstrating double standards. Does he not know Bin Laden lives in a cave and answers to himself? I’d love to know who hired Bin Laden. That’s an interview I’d love to see!

If you want to learn how to make statements completely devoid of logic, take a lesson from this guy.

Most of the extremists try and divert the conflict in the Middle East into one about religion. They make it about the West trying to eradicate Islam and use that to advance their argument that they must fight to defend their religion. The leaders at the top of the Taliban do this intentionally and are fully aware of the power this has to capture the spirit of young Muslims. It’s the young people like Muslims Against The Crusades who have no idea they’re being drip fed lies. These young guys probably come from honest, normal Muslim families and their brains have been poisoned by the powers in the East.

I don’t support the conflict. I’ll make that known now. I never have and I never will. I am pretty ashamed of some of the things the West has done to the East and I’m not blind to the reality that people in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan can find plenty of reasons to not trust us. We were misled by our leaders and ill prepared for what we met when we invaded. There were ulterior motives for invading and history will not look favourably on what we’ve done. We’ve made the area more unstable and we are more at risk from terrorism now than we were before.

Having accepted that we’ve made lots of mistakes that I do not condone, I do not believe we are over there to eradicate Islam. So we must make a stand against those trying to divert this conflict into one where they try and force Islamic law on Britain. Muslims Against The Crusades would do well to remember that it is the freedom of thought, speech and religion granted to them in Britain that allows them to shout the vile things they do. In many Islamic countries you wouldn’t be able to stand on the street saying such horrible things against that country without ending up in jail. Someone needs to teach them they can’t have their cake and eat it.

Despite wishing we weren’t involved in this war we’re ultimately there to help rid the East of the grip of the Taliban. They force people to obey strict, archaic rules, enforcing them without a shred of compassion. They murder anybody who dares to denounce or disobey them. Women are virtual prisoners and elders roam the town beating any unfortunate woman found out without an escort. Education for women is non-existent and healthcare is poor. The Taliban are virtually in control of Afghanistan and rule based entirely on man-made religious doctrine that makes no sense and results in an appalling quality of life for so many.

It is this sort of life these young protesters advocate. They are trying to divert our thoughts elsewhere and make it about their own religious agenda. This is not a religious war and we can’t let them make it into one.

This post was updated on June 17

  1. I cannot believe that this can be true

    • It most certainly is true. These people are hypocrites; they take advantage of this country’s laws that allow them freedom of speech and they demand we abolish them and live according to their religious rules.

      I pity them because they waste all this energy for something that’s never going to happen.

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