Dave The Deluded Monk Causes A Stir In The Big Brother House

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Christian Fraud, Christianity, Religion, Religious Extremism
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“Mystic Monk” Dave Vaughan brings his weird religion to the Big Brother house and offends people with his homophobic views.


Big Brother is upon us again as the final series gets under way. There’s plenty of bad press given to Big Brother but I’ll happily admit that I am a fan!

To me Big Brother has always been interesting as a way to look into how people interact with each other and form relationships. I can’t help but be interested by the concept of taking a load of people who are polar opposites of each other and locking them in a house with nowhere to escape for 3 months.

This year Channel 4 have chosen a classic in the form of Dave Vaughan. Dave runs a “church” called the New Ecstatics in Wales and believes that he can get “drunk” on the “holy spirit”. Let’s make this clear, Dave thinks that he can spontaneously become intoxicated on God’s joy. He also, like most Christians, believes that people should burn in hell simply for being attracted to the same sex. This particular view has already gained him some nominations and scorn.

It is an important point to note that Dave spent many years on drugs, taking the likes of acid and speed. It seems clear to me that this has affected his brain and is responsible for his delusions!

Dave Vaughan is part of a fairly new movement within the Christian church. The “head” of the movement is John Crowder, another man who’s done a lot of acid and “met” Jesus whilst tripping. Crowder then when on to start a movement which uses drink and drug references when talking about God. They like to get “jacked up on God”, “toke the holy ghost”, “snort lines of God” , “drink the wine of God” and “smoke the cross pipe”. It’s pretty obvious these former drug users haven’t let go of their desire to be high and have simply substituted it for religion.

Regular readers of this blog will be all to familiar with my opinions on Christianity, the grip it has on the world and the damage it causes. I’d be ecstatic myself if there was no such thing. Ultimately, however, it is up to the individual what he chooses to believe. If Dave is so mentally unstable that he genuinely believes what he says then he probably needs help more than scorn.

However, it’s not just Dave who is affected. His children have been brought up in this strange environment and, not surprisingly, believe just as he does. It is wrong to pass on your mental illness to your children and I have made my opinion on brainwashing children with religion clear here.

The housemates in the BB house seem oblivious to the extent of Dave’s mental illness. Indeed this is not surprising as he’s kept some of his more extreme views quiet, I suspect if they knew just how weird he was they’d be keeping their distance.

There is a positive to Dave being in the house though, as long as he’s there he’s demonstrating to the whole country how screwed up the religious can be!

  1. SDsSs says:

    I know this post is years old but did you even think about what you were writing? “He also, like most Christians, believes that people should burn in hell simply for being attracted to the same sex” Exactly where are the studies and data supporting this? Or do you claim to know the mind and thought of every Christian?

    If Hell is a fictional place then why should such a statement (if it was even made) offend you? Most Christians don’t actually condemn people to Hell. Other Christians don’t even believe in a Hell.

    You atheists, on the other-hand, continue proving your intolerance and bigotry towards people of a faith with every passing year. Your entire site here is a testament to your irrational hatred against Christians who you generalize as being all the same. The only person with a mental illness here is you for thinking all Christians are the same and hating them because they don’t believe in the same thing as you.

    As for “Dave the Monk” the fact that you took his “I’m drunk on the Holy Spirit” nonsense seriously proves how easy it is to delude you into believing anything. The man was playing up for the camera just like everyone else who enters the house. If you cannot work something like that out for yourself then you’re not very smart.

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