A Few Minutes That I Will Never Get Back And An Image Forever In My Memory

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Random
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I’m usually quite a forward looking kinda guy and I tend not to ponder on what I’ve done in the past. I don’t have many regrets in life; preferring to view bad choices I’ve made as lessons rather than thinking “I wish I hadn’t done that”.

But last week I made a mistake that I can never undo. A voice in my head told me I probably shouldn’t do it. Instead, though, I listened to the other voice; the one which on many an occasion I really should have ignored!

The voice that lured me, once again, took me to a place where I was witness to a most horrific murder. Curiosity got the better of me and these images, I fear, will be with me forever.

I should be honest here and tell you that it is not quite as bad as I’ve made out. So I apologise if the details of this tale now disappoint you. This murder was, in fact, in a video on the internet.

This was no viral however. Nor was it a faked “snuff” movie. It was the genuine deal. I’ve paid the price for being an internet junkie. I didn’t know what I was viewing until it was too late and had been seduced by what seemed to be a challenge when I was invited to see if I could “stomach” what lay behind the URL.

I’ve seen a fair few shocking videos in my time. From the infamous “2 Girls 1 Cup” and a lot of stupid injury movies in my days as a teenage boy, to horrible images of animal abuse and war whilst researching things for this blog. It’s these multiple shocking and terrible images I’ve been witness to that led me to believe I could detach myself from the horrors of modern life.

Apparently I was wrong.

I won’t give you the gory details. It’s not relevant and you probably don’t want to know. I will, however, tell you the title. In the hope that you will not seek it out, because I’m sure you’ll regret it, but that you will know to stay clear if presented with it. This is a video filmed by a group of Ukrainian youths who developed a sick “hobby” of torturing and killing people. The footage is from a phone and was leaked by the police and it is genuine. It is called “2 Guys 1 Hammer”.

I’ve decided to write this because already one of my friends has succumb to curiosity and looked at it despite my warnings! Even a week later it still disturbs me. So please take my advice: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!


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