Away For 3 Months But Back With A New Look!

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Blog Housekeeping

Hello! For the past 3 months I’ve not updated the blog but now I’m back!

I know I’ve lost some readers in the past few months because my traffic stats reflect this but some people have continued reading and to them I say thanks!

During the past 3 months I’ve been through a major period of life reconstruction, which is still ongoing, following the end of a long-term relationship. My priorities shifted and for a while I couldn’t find the motivation to keep the blog going. This is because to maintain a blog like this takes dedication to keeping abreast of the news, reading other blogs, inhabiting forums, engaging in debates etc.

But all this is in the past as we are now back in business and I’m ready to start annoying religious people again. To mark what is effectively a “relaunch” of this blog I’ve given it a visual overhaul which, I believe, looks a lot better than the previous version.

So come back and join in the debate at The Mind Of An Atheist!


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