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Posted: December 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is a response to Joshua Zmarko:

With all due respect it makes no sense to quote the bible when trying to talk to an atheist as to everyone but those who “believe” it holds no credibility. So to base your definition of faith on the bible is a little misguided. Faith is the belief of something in the absence of any credible evidence.

You said: “Now this is what I can’t understand…. WHY people today put all their FAITH into a THEARY!!! That makes NO SENSE…. And this theary is younger than ANY RELIGION on the whole PLANET…… And by the way…. the whole concept of this idea comes from…..THE BIBLE… which was written over 7000 years ago….”

As you say you can’t understand hopefully I can help you understand: I’m not sure what theory you’re referring to but I think you mean evolution. While Darwin didn’t work out everything the general concept of evolution has been proven, it is no longer a theory. This is the view of the scientific community and the only people who claim it is still a “theory” are those for who it conflicts with their religion. Gravity was once a “theory” but the evidence clearly proves it is real. The evidence for evolution has been WELL documented so if you choose to ignore it that’s your choice but it’s akin to choosing to believe the sky is green.

Nobody is putting faith in evolution because by definition faith requires a lack of evidence and so, since science is based on the study OF evidence and there is mountains of evidence for evolution it’s not an issue of faith.

The age of the “theory” has no relevance at all. Do you realise what you’re saying? That they were more likely to have gotten it right 7,000 years ago when they wrote the bible? Since the bible was written thousands of years and billions of hours of scientific study and research have passed. The result of which is evidence that much of what the bible says is incorrect; that we CLEARLY don’t descend from “Adam & Eve”; that Noah didn’t build an ark and the earth didn’t flood; that there was no parting of the sea; etc etc.

Discussing any of this is impossible if you simply pretend the evidence hasn’t been discovered.

  1. No, no, no, you got it all wrong! He was clearly referring to a THEARY. Now as for what the fuck that is, one can only guess… 😉

  2. Yes well I figured that when dealing with someone with logic such as this person it would be a waste of time even addressing his spelling mistakes.

    I wish I was able to link the entire conversation. The religious never cease to amaze me with their stupidity!

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