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Equality & My Disdain For Religion?

Posted: February 22, 2017 in General

I Just want to clarify something.

I believe in equality. That is: I believe that all people should be treated equally regardless of their gender, race, sexuality etc.

Sometimes people have said to me words to the effect of: “How can you claim to support equality when you’re so vocal against the religious and what they believe. This is offensive to the religious, don’t they deserve equality too?”.

So I want to make this clear. I believe in the freedom to believe what you want and also the right to be treated with the same respect as others. But I do not believe that all beliefs are sacred.

People deserve equality. Beliefs are not people.

I will not discriminate against you because of your race, sexuality, gender etc. These are all things that make you who you are. You do not control them. Religion is a choice.

Religion is also a belief system. Your belief is not automatically worthy of respect. It has to be earned. I am entitled to question it, scrutinise it, challenge it and disregard it if I wish.

I will never question your right to believe what you want and I will never disregard you as a person. But the belief itself is not immune.

Religion is the place where you find the most inequality in society. Your right to choose to follow it does not mean I can’t call you out for it.



Ladies and gentlemen James is back!

Posted: February 22, 2017 in General

Howdy hi campers!

So I’ve decided to restart this blog. It’s been six years since I wrote anything on here and to be honest I haven’t logged in here for as long as I can remember.

Looking at my stats people have been still been reading! I couldn’t believe it! I’m hardly giving Google a run for their money on the traffic front but a couple of thousand visitors a year with no new content and no promotion has made me want to carry on.

Religion is doing even more damage to the world than six years ago.

Therefore I still have a lot to say.

In firing up the ol’ blog again I’ve had a read through some of my old posts (cringing at spelling and grammar mistakes! I thought I was pretty good at proofreading!). Please do the same! Have a nosy around!

I’m not sure what my first proper article will be about. I recently read an incredible story of a young Christian’s journey to freedom from religion and it was so personal to me that it’s inspired me a lot. ‘Coming out’ as an atheist is a huge step for many religious people – – so it might be something similar.

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