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Mercy Ministries has changed it’s name in New Zealand to A Girl Called Hope but it’s still the same old Mercy.

I can’t see any reason they would do this other than to try and hide from the negative publicity now associated with the name Mercy Ministries in Australia.

As the official A Girl Called Hope website states this ministry still has “strong ties” to Mercy Ministries and Nancy Alcorn. Clearly this is just Mercy Ministries with a different name. Perhaps Mercy thought that simply rebranding their product would be enough to silence it’s critics? The official website goes on to say:

“A Girl Called Hope is based on the work of Mercy Ministries which was founded by Nancy Alcorn in America in 1983. Having worked with troubled youth for eight years; Nancy gained insight into the reasons why social problems exist, particularly in young women.

The first home was opened in Monroe, Louisiana, this then extended to Nashville, St. Louis and Sacremento, California in the United States. Mercy Ministries has expanded internationally with homes in England, Canada and here in New Zealand.”

There is no mention at all of the Australian homes they’ve opened and then closed; no mention of the compensation payout; the lies they told the media; the thousands of women who’s lives were damaged; or the fact they only changed the name after the Australian home closed.

I’m sure any woman turning to A Girl Called Hope for help would like to know these important facts.


Regular readers will have read my views on Mercy Ministries and their abhorrent methods. It is still the case that most of the information out there about Mercy Ministries is their own PR rubbish. All over the world people are not being told about the many, many women who were made WORSE by Mercy instead of better.

So I have created The Truth About Mercy as a place where people can read about some of the harrowing experiences of those who’ve been to Mercy.

Peter Irvine was the lying director of Mercy Australia when news of their abusive behaviour broke. He lied on television when he denied the charity were performing exorcisms and was subsequently made to look like a fool when proof was leaked to the press. Mercy has now shut down due to losing most of it’s donors.

Irvine is also in charge of Gloria Jeans Coffee, a large multi-million dollar corporation, and an elder at Hillsong Australia. His company is currently being sued for more than $50 million over allegedly breaking contracts with people.

Obviously the jury is still out on this, but if it is true then it just shows the credibility of people Mercy Ministries are choosing to employ and the sort of Christian Hillsong Australia appoint to leadership.

If Hillsong had any sense they’d show this guy the door.

Thanks to Sean The Blogonaut for alerting me to another Mercy Ministries update.

Firstly If you don’t know what Mercy Ministries is or you don’t know about the horrendous ways they deal with people; then check out Ruined By Mercy and Sean has a good overview here.

Last year, in one of the best pieces of news I’d heard all year, Mercy Australia was forced to close it’s doors. The revelations of deception and misleading their clients was the final nail in the coffin.

A number of residents have since written to Mercy requesting that their records be released. This is a basic right under the law of most countries. They attempted to use the Freedom Of Information Act in order to secure the release of their personal information.

Mercy’s initial response was to simply quote their legal counsel’s advice saying:

“The Freedom Of Information Act (NSW) 1989 applies to information held about individuals by a NSW government body/agency and the Freedom Of Information Act (Cth) 1982 applies to information held about individuals by Commonwealth government departments and public authorities. Both Acts also go into detail which government bodies are excluded from application of both the Acts. As a not for profit organisation would not fall within the ambit of the Acts these individuals have no right to have access to their files pursuant to these Acts…The individuals’ records should be disposed of in accordance with the rules under which Mercy Ministries was set up and/or licensed as it is not governed by the State or Commonwealth record keeping laws except for any health information that must be retained pursuant to the law.”

That’s their ‘legalese’ answer. In lay-man terms that translates into:

“using the law you mentioned; we don’t have to give you anything, so we won’t. Plus, now we know you want it we’re going to destroy it.”

Its quite clear the moral thing to do would be to release this information to those it concerns. You’d think an organisation that purports to base it’s dealings on Biblical and Christian principles would recognise they have a moral duty to comply with these requests. Apparently not with Mercy. Their approach was “Can we get away with refusing?…If we can; we will”. What other reason could there be other than Mercy thinking the information might be damaging to Mercy. Otherwise known as Mercy have something to hide.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the residents requesting the information were not happy with this response. Someone has since logged a complaint with the Information Commissioner, prompting an investigation. The Commissioner then informed the complainant that while Mercy was correct in its assertion that they had no obligation under the Freedom Of Information Act, they were still bound by the Privacy Act and under this Act they had to release the information. I don’t believe Mercy weren’t aware of this which, in my opinion, explains their very specific ‘not-under-this-law’ response.

The most recent update to this story, courtesy of Sean, is that as soon as there is a whiff of an investigation Mercy play ball. They are apparently now prepared to release the information requested by the ex residents.

This story highlights 2 major things that most of us already knew about Mercy. First; their claim that:

“Mercy Ministries is committed to being an effective and well-respected global organization dedicated to transforming lives of generations searching for truth and wholeness”

…is totally false. They may be able to cite examples of ‘success’ stories but these people are clearly responsible for their own ‘success’ and owe no thanks whatsoever to any divine intervention. The sheer number of damaged lives, irrespective of how many ‘Jesus Warriors’ they churn out, means that the program is far from “effective” (Mercy’s distorted, manipulated 90% success rate claim is laughable). Mercy are far from a “well-respected global organisation” (apart from within the Bible belt in the USA which doesn’t count in my book).

The second thing this tells us about Mercy is that they have no regard for anybody who doesn’t leave the program shouting from the rooftops about how good Mercy is. If you leave on a bad note they don’t want to know you, will go out of their way to avoid revealing what they did to you while you were there and will only play fairly when the government force them to.

Mercy Ministries is an evil organisation with a money hungry fame hunter at the helm who are only concerned with their own interests.

Today this blog was listed on The Daily Reviewer for the post on Mercy Ministries I wrote a while back.

According to their home page:

“The Daily Reviewer selects only the world’s top blogs (and RSS feeds). We sift through thousands of blogs daily to present you the world’s best writers. The blogs that we include are authoritative on their respective niche topics and are widely read. To be included in The Daily Reviewer is a mark of excellence.”

I am constantly amazed at the places I end up getting mentioned. Cheers Daily Reviewer!

Thanks to Sean at Sean The Blogonaut and John at Against Biblical Counselling for bringing this into the open.

Not content with the lives they’ve already ruined, and the public admittance of their deception, Mercy are on a push to infect even more vulnerable girls with their message of lies and abusive practices. This piece of news shocked and disturbed me to the core. Mercy Ministries are now going after the victims of sex trafficking.

Just think about that for a second. Victims of sex trafficking are possibly some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. They have usually already suffered years and years of the most horrendous abuse imaginable. Many were sexually abused as children and have spent their lives believing they are worthless.

The thought of the loons at Mercy getting their hands on these poor girls scares me shitless, it really does. It’s impossible to fully comprehend the potential harm Mercy’s program could inflict on these people. Many trafficking victims are from countries where belief in the gospel is widespread, these people are perfect potential Mercy disciples.

I can’t repeat how potentially dangerous this situation is. Mercy need stopping and stopping fast. It’s so sad the trafficking victims have no protection under law from cults like Mercy who want to recruit them.

Mercy are partnering with Natalie Grant on this issue. This gives Mercy ‘credibility’ in the eyes of Christians. Natalie Grant is a well known and pretty successful American Christian singer and it’s often the case that when Christians see a name they know attached to something they automatically trust it unquestioningly. It worked with Mercy and Hillsong in Australia. If Natalie Grant is incapable of seeing Mercy for what it is then this partnership also completely eradicates any shred of respectability that she may have had. Her judgement and logic are clearly incredibly flawed.

On a second note Mercy is planning expansion and is building another home in the USA. Florida is the chosen state. Mercy is spreading like a disease, and truth is the only known vaccine.