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Today saw a major victory for common sense and about bloody time. Gary McFarlane was told in no uncertain terms that he could not appeal any further in his fight to have his sacking overturned.

Gary is a Christian who, not surprisingly, thinks it’s evil to be gay. He was a counsellor for Relate until he was sacked for refusing to counsel gay couples. Relate has a pledge where they promise to provide equal access to their services regardless of sexuality, a pledge Gary had previously agreed to. He was also bound by the terms of his employment contract which stated he had to treat all clients equally. This, Gary wasn’t prepared to do.

Gary believed he was a special case, that he was exempt from the laws the rest of us are bound by. He thought he was so special that he should be allowed to discriminate against gay people for no other reason than he’d decided he didn’t agree with their behaviour. He tried to argue that to force him to counsel gay couples would be to discriminate against him because of his religion, he went on to say that to sack him for refusing to comply was to sack him because of his religion and therefore unfair.

Gary and his legal team misunderstood the law however. The judge found that Relate would have acted in the same way had a non-Christian member of staff wished to discriminate in the way Gary did, and thus it wasn’t discrimination. Lord Justice Laws explained to the court that in a free and equal society we must offer 2 levels of religious protection: firstly the protection to choose a religion and secondly that no particular religious view is given preferential treatment. He pointed out to Gary that while the law rightly provides the protection to believe in a particular religion it cannot be used to protect the ‘content’ of a particular religious belief:

So it is that the law must firmly safeguard the right to hold and express religious belief; equally firmly, it must eschew any protection of such a belief’s content in the name only of its religious credentials. Both principles are necessary conditions of a free and rational regime

Gary McFarlane is a bigoted Christian who thinks that because he chooses to base his life on a fictional text from thousands of years ago he should have the right to ignore discrimination laws. I’m thankful the court has ruled that the rights of innocent gay people are more important than the rights of someone who’s made a personal choice to believe bollocks.


Gordon’s done it again. He’s opened his mouth without thinking. I briefly entertained the thought that he might stop saying ridiculous things in the run up to this election given his already fragile popularity. He obviously can’t help himself.

By calling one of his supporters a bigot for doing nothing more than daring to challenge him he confirms my suspicions that he doesn’t care one single bit about what the country thinks. His hypocritical and two-faced reaction, based on nothing more than a brief meeting which left him nowhere near enough time make such a judgement is classic Gordon Brown.

“Bigot” is a dangerous word to throw at someone for you run the risk of it bouncing straight back at you. It’s definition, after all, is to be “obstinately convinced of the superiority or correctness of one’s own opinions”. That definition fits Brown like a glove. His reaction was to accuse her of intolerance whilst displaying the classic signs of intolerance himself.

Let it be said Gordon is probably not alone here, I have no doubt the others have said some things they shouldn’t have behind closed doors

If Gordon Brown wanted what was best for the country he’d recognise the level of contempt for the public has for him and stand aside. Alas! That is never going to happen, for Gordon wants nothing more than to be elected. This election is about him winning the job of Prime Minister, he is not content with simply being handed it on a plate. He will pursue this end regardless of whether he brings the Labour party down with him and his colleagues won’t stand in his way if they know what’s good for them (and their long term careers).

This is indicative of Gordon, he’s a control freak who can’t stand it when someone disagrees with him and lashes out when he feels wronged. He’d do well to realise most of the country disagree with him most of the time.