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Today saw a major victory for common sense and about bloody time. Gary McFarlane was told in no uncertain terms that he could not appeal any further in his fight to have his sacking overturned.

Gary is a Christian who, not surprisingly, thinks it’s evil to be gay. He was a counsellor for Relate until he was sacked for refusing to counsel gay couples. Relate has a pledge where they promise to provide equal access to their services regardless of sexuality, a pledge Gary had previously agreed to. He was also bound by the terms of his employment contract which stated he had to treat all clients equally. This, Gary wasn’t prepared to do.

Gary believed he was a special case, that he was exempt from the laws the rest of us are bound by. He thought he was so special that he should be allowed to discriminate against gay people for no other reason than he’d decided he didn’t agree with their behaviour. He tried to argue that to force him to counsel gay couples would be to discriminate against him because of his religion, he went on to say that to sack him for refusing to comply was to sack him because of his religion and therefore unfair.

Gary and his legal team misunderstood the law however. The judge found that Relate would have acted in the same way had a non-Christian member of staff wished to discriminate in the way Gary did, and thus it wasn’t discrimination. Lord Justice Laws explained to the court that in a free and equal society we must offer 2 levels of religious protection: firstly the protection to choose a religion and secondly that no particular religious view is given preferential treatment. He pointed out to Gary that while the law rightly provides the protection to believe in a particular religion it cannot be used to protect the ‘content’ of a particular religious belief:

So it is that the law must firmly safeguard the right to hold and express religious belief; equally firmly, it must eschew any protection of such a belief’s content in the name only of its religious credentials. Both principles are necessary conditions of a free and rational regime

Gary McFarlane is a bigoted Christian who thinks that because he chooses to base his life on a fictional text from thousands of years ago he should have the right to ignore discrimination laws. I’m thankful the court has ruled that the rights of innocent gay people are more important than the rights of someone who’s made a personal choice to believe bollocks.


I read a story today that cheered me up a lot. Shawn Hole was on a tour with his Christian mates and took it upon himself to engage in a spot of street preaching. Whilst doing this he was asked by a gay member of the public what his views on homosexuality were. “Homosexuals are deserving of the wrath of God ā€“ and so are all other sinners ā€“ and they are going to a place called hell” was his response.

He was then arrested, taken away in a police van, kept overnight in a cell and charged with breaching the peace and “uttering homophobic remarks” that were “aggravated by religious prejudice”. He plead guilty.

On the one hand this is a slight overreaction on the part of the police. All this idiot did was have a conversation with someone about his retarded religious opinion. Plus, there is an argument to be made for how it is offensive to say gay people are going to a fictional place. His views do prove his complete lack of sanity, but I think freedom of speech is important, more important than trying to silence every mentally ill person who preaches nonsense. It’s important we don’t tell people what they can and can’t say. Nobody has the right to not be offended. Everyone does, however, have the right to freedom of speech. Only when they step into the realm of inciting people to commit crime and violence should we stop them.

On the other hand, it serves him right! Lets remember that while the specific words he used on this occasion may not have been that offensive, he clearly thinks that just because someone fancies the same sex they are deserving of an eternity in a horrible place. Regardless of the fact that place doesn’t exist, he still thinks it does. So yeah, he wasn’t offensive in what he said this time, but his attitude towards gay people IS offensive. The fact he thinks he has the right to come the the UK and preach to us on the street makes him deserving of anything he gets. While we do have some street preachers in the UK, generally as a culture, we object to people pushing their religion in our faces. We don’t need Americans like Shawn Hole coming to the UK and trying to ‘save’ us. He’d be much better off trying to fix the hell-on-earth that is the United States Of America. They need his help much more than we do. We have, in astonishing numbers, woken up to reality in the UK and don’t welcome homophobes like this.

I could not be happier that this idiot spent a night in the cells and is a thousand quid worse off. Using religion as an excuse for being homophobic is a pathetic excuse. An excuse which doesn’t wash anymore. Religious racism is not tolerated, this is no different.

When will people realise that just because they decided to believe in a religion full of hatred, it doesn’t give them the absolute right to be as hateful as possible. While we shouldn’t physically stop Sean Holes from saying what he wants it should be made known that his ancient beliefs are not tolerated anymore.

Fuck off back to America. We don’t want your intolerance here.

I just wanted to offer my opinion on the recent appointment of Mary Douglas Glasspool, the openly lesbian bishop, in the US.

A decision like this was always going to cause issues and it’s no surprise it has. People fear a split in the church which, if it happens, can only be a good thing. If this causes those churches who are prepared to move into the 21st century to separate and leave behind the bigots of the ‘established’ church then great!

Over here in the UK the Archdickhead Of Canterbury Rowan Williams hid behind his ‘office’ who spoke on his behalf saying it would have “important implications” for the church.

Who knows what will happen. I just hope we see more gay clergy members appointed, because this will force the white, middle class, conservative bible bashers to raise their consciousness and face up to the FACT that some people are gay. Maybe a transvestite vicar would help too, although I reckon we’d have to wait a while for that šŸ˜€

Bill O’Reilly is a nob. That much is quite clear from simply watching 5 seconds of any of his shows. He’s homophobic, rude, arrogant, obnoxious and thinks he has it all worked out. He presents his opinions as fact and is incapable of discussing in a logical manner. He tells those he disagrees with to shut up and talks in such a patronising manner. Most of his beliefs come from a time when freedom was a dream.

If you want a prime example of his unintelligence watch his discussion with Richard Dawkins. He asserts that his belief in Jesus helps him, to which Richard Dawkins points out that it may well help him but that doesn’t make it true. His response is that his belief is ‘true to me’. Richard tries to point out to him that it cannot be ‘true to him’, it has to be either true or not. O’Reilly disputes this, saying “No no no!”

As a Brit I find it hard to understand how he’s allowed to say the things he says on TV. It would never happen in this country because we’re not stuck in the dark ages like much of America is. In the UK we’ve accepted that religion should be a private choice and our TV presenters shouldn’t spout their own religious superstitions as if they are fact. We would never allow a paid member of staff of a large media organisation to be blatantly homophobic. So it begs the question why is he given airtime? Does his opinion reflect that of a large enough section of American society to justify the offensive things he says?

I watched a clip on the net today where he was discussing whether or not it was acceptable for a school to choose a young lesbian couple as their ‘cute couple’. The opinion of his guest was, rightly, that there should be no problem. That it was wrong for the school to penalise them because they were lesbians. That it showed that homosexuality was becoming normalised and that was a good thing.

O’Reilly openly admitted he wouldn’t have a problem if it was a straight couple, his reason: ‘we shouldn’t be promoting sexuality to teenagers’. In other words he tried to spin it and make it about promoting promiscuity. His guest tried to explain it wasn’t about that, it was about being in love, to which he implied they were just being rebellious and didn’t know what they wanted. He basically said that they should keep it to themselves, that he didn’t have a problem if they wanted to be lesbians, but that he didn’t want to know about it. By openly being lesbians, he claimed, they were flaunting it. (who doesn’t want to flaunt the fact they’re in love?). He then went on to say that it was wrong to normalise homosexuality within education system. Note he spoke on behalf of “50-60% of the country” in an attempt to pass his own view on to everyone else. This guy is so full of shit.

If 50-60% of the US thought that a particular race were all evil would that make their point valid? He clearly thinks that under 18’s are not capable of knowing they are gay.

So he basically thinks that because he chooses to follow a 2,000 year old book everyone else has to hide so as to not offend him? It’s about time FOX news showed O’Reilly the door. If, as he says, 50-60% of Americans share his view, it’s about time the United States entered the 21st century and dropped their homophobic views.

I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to NOT live in the US.

Could there be a better example of the evils of religion than the sick homosexuality bill Uganda is currently trying to implement? In this country religion is not just a personal choice which every person should have the right to choose. In Uganda, as in many countries in the world, religion is something chosen by the Government and forced upon everybody regardless of whether they want it.

The current Ugandan law is reprehensible enough as it is: having gay sex is already punishable by life imprisonment. The changes would make anybody who is HIV positive, anybody in a gay relationship with someone they have ‘authority’ over, and anybody found having sex with a ‘victim’ under the age of 18 left open to the possibility of the death penalty. It also contains provisions for Uganda to demand the deportation of anyone currently living abroad who is convicted under the law.

This is rooted firmly in Uganda’s Christian beliefs. Most of the population and pretty much all of the government are Christians. American evangelists have been working hard to push their agenda in Uganda, preaching that gay people are ‘recruiting’ school children. This has boosted the fear already existent in many Ugandans.

This is what happens when religion rules a country and where there aren’t any sane people to run for election. Many Christians will be quick to point out that they don’t agree with the death penalty, however, pretty much all of them will still agree with the fundamental issue here: that it is wrong to be gay. Most Christians I have met believe that they have the ‘God given’ right to decide that gay people are gay through choice. There is something wrong with their brain.

My heart goes out to the gay community of Uganda. The world needs to pull together and allow them political asylum in countries where they will be free to be themselves. We need to resist requests by Uganda to deport those living in the West who are convicted, and keep them safe. In addition to this we need to impose tough sanctions on Uganda and show them they are alienating themselves. This may be politically incorrect but as Uganda’s citizen’s are overwhelmingly supporting this, if the act of imposing sanctions causes problems for them as a country, then so be it. They deserve it. At some point in the future these lunatic countries WILL enter the modern age but we should send them a signal that they need to hurry the fuck up.

This is a basic human rights issue. The Ugandan government are openly in breach of the UN’s list of basic human rights. Every person has the right to ‘freedom of thought, conscience and religion’. That surely means that each and every person in Uganda has the right to choose Christian principles or, more importantly, to reject those principles. For the government to legislate in accordance with those principles they are clearly squashing the rights of those who choose to ignore them. Religion should stay in the home and not in the halls of power.

The rights of the insane, who blindly follow a piece of fictional text from thousands of years ago, are less important than those who have done nothing other than be attracted to someone of the same sex. Why is it the west is happy to try and ‘fix’ the east where Islam is ruining the lives of so many, but never do anything when stuff like this happens?

Is it because Uganda doesn’t have shit loads of oil perhaps?