Before You Comment, Read This!

If you wish to comment on this blog then I welcome your opinion. Commenting opens up a debate which, when the religious are involved, is always pretty fun.

However, if you’re going to preach to me don’t bother. By preaching; I mean ranting. You are not allowed to rant, this is my blog, I reserve that right for myself. Should you wish to rant, do so on your blog.

Plain, intelligible English sounds much more intelligent than fancy sentences and extra long words. I want conversation with you, I don’t want to go look for my dictionary. It’s a pet hate when people don’t  talk properly, but there is a big difference between talking properly and using big words to try and look clever.

If you’re going to quote your Bible, Qur’an, Book Of Morman or spell book then save your fingers. Your book has no authority here so you’re wasting your time.

Save me the hassle of reading about how you’re going to pray for me. Nobody is listening to your prayer so you might as well keep it to yourself.

Aside from the above type away.


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