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I just wanted to offer my opinion on the recent appointment of Mary Douglas Glasspool, the openly lesbian bishop, in the US.

A decision like this was always going to cause issues and it’s no surprise it has. People fear a split in the church which, if it happens, can only be a good thing. If this causes those churches who are prepared to move into the 21st century to separate and leave behind the bigots of the ‘established’ church then great!

Over here in the UK the Archdickhead Of Canterbury Rowan Williams hid behind his ‘office’ who spoke on his behalf saying it would have “important implications” for the church.

Who knows what will happen. I just hope we see more gay clergy members appointed, because this will force the white, middle class, conservative bible bashers to raise their consciousness and face up to the FACT that some people are gay. Maybe a transvestite vicar would help too, although I reckon we’d have to wait a while for that 😀


Courtesy of The Times I learned today that the early signs of the imminent death of the Church Of England are here.

They expect to lose ten percent of their clergy within five years which, with the added decline of congregation numbers, is bad news indeed for the ancient church. It boils down to the hard strapped followers lack of donations. Many, it would seem, are snipping down their ‘gifts’ to God and the church is working hard to get them to dig deep.

But all this brings up a nagging question in my mind. Wouldn’t ‘God’ help the church? Surely he wouldn’t let them die on their arses while he watches from above. Perhaps God’s being thrifty with his blessings too because if the Church Of England isn’t worthy of his help then I’d love to know who is! Perhaps he’s used all his money blessing evangelical Americans and that’s why he has none for the Church Of England.

Thankfully similar things are happening in the Catholic church with the number of priests and followers falling. Clearly more and more people are realising they’re wasting their lives.